Key Dates

21 July 2013
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Further key dates

Hall 11 (The ICC)

Cellular senescence in cardiovascular disease

ESM & EVBO programme

Monday 22 July, 0930 - 1130

Central versus peripheral neural control mechanisms in man: Inputs and outputs

Control of many body systems depends on integration of nervous signals generated from within and outside the central nervous system.

Monday 22 July, 1415 - 1615

ESM & EVBO programme

Tuesday 23 July, 1415 - 1615

Transverse tubules in the heart: Normal physiology and involvement in disease

Sponsored by the Scandinavian Physiological Society (SPS)

Tuesday 23 July, 0930 - 1130

Atomic structures and molecular mechanisms of voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels

Voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels are key players in electrical signal transduction in nerves and muscles.

Wednesday 24 July, 1415 - 1615

Voltage-gated calcium channels are essential for communication between brain cells.  Here we will explore novel ideas about delivery of calcium channels to their site of action, their role in pain pathways and in hearing, and what happens when they are

Wednesday 24 July, 0930 - 1130

Membrane potential investigated with voltage sensitive dyes

Sponsored by the Federation of European Physiological Societies (FEPS)

Thursday 25 July, 0930 - 1130

The physiology of rapid responses to estrogen

Thursday 25 July, 1415 - 1615

Neurotransmitter transporters: Impact on nerve cell excitability and function

Transporter proteins in brain cells clearance neurotransmitter excess during synaptic transmission. This is coupled with ion transport, and therefore are electrogenic. Could transporters provide routes to electrical signalling as well as channels?

Friday 26 July, 0930 - 1130