Key Dates

21 July 2013
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General Interest

A number of practical workshops and sessions have been organised and will be held during lunchtime.  Here you can hone and develop your skills, and also explore various challenges that you may face in your career. 

These sessions include:

Physiology moves back onto centre stage: a new synthesis with evolutionary biology

Denis Noble was educated at University College London where he obtained his PhD in 1961.

Sunday 21 July, 17:30 - 18:30

Physiological solutions in symbiotic systems

Mutualistic microbes participate in host physiology and often form integral components of various physiological processes and/or developmental processes.

Monday 22 July, 1415 - 1615

The field of Synthetic Biology brings together physiologists, molecular biologists, physicists, chemists and engineers interested in constructing organisms or systems with novel biological functions in order to better understand life processes.

Tuesday 23 July, 1415 - 1615

Historical perspectives on early physiology, 1870‐1960

This panel comprises five papers exploring the history of physiology in a regional and specialist context. The papers are connected in that they touch on frontiers in physiology.

Tuesday 23 July, 0930 - 1130

New advances in the physiome and systems biology

This symposium, proposed by the IUPS Physiome and Systems Biology Committee, addresses the potential for multi-scale computational modeling and systems biology approaches to provide new mechanistic insights into physiology and pathophysiology, and to i

Wednesday 24 July, 0930 - 1130

Brain imaging – an ethical time bomb?

Neuroimaging is advancing rapidly and most sectors of society have not realised its full capabilities, applications and implications.

Thursday 25 July, 0930 - 1130

High resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) and correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM)

A major limitation in physiology is the fact that most organelles and all proteins are smaller than the resolution of fluorescence microscopes which is defined by the law of Ernst Abbe.

Thursday 25 July, 0930 - 1130

Physiological roles of non-coding RNAs

Sponsored by Integrated DNA Technologies

Thursday 25 July, 1415 - 1615


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