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21 July 2013
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The congress

Welcome from Denis Noble, President, IUPS

There is a clear sense of excitement about the 2013 Congress in Birmingham. I have lectured recently to a number of national and regional physiological societies around the globe and the response has been very encouraging. The excitement arises from the fact that the physiological sciences are now perceived to be where the central action is in interpreting the phenomena of life. As a young researcher told me recently at one of the national meetings, 'physiology is back in business'. Well, it was never out of business, but people can readily understand what she meant.

On behalf of the Officers, Executive, Council and General Assembly of IUPS, I look forward to meeting you in Birmingham and to celebrate the superb opportunities that are opening up in our disciplines today.

Denis Noble

President, IUPS

Next summer in Birmingham will see the culmination of eight years planning by The Society, IUPS and many other members of the international scientific community.  Having won the right to host the 37th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Sciences in San Diego 2005 we have undertaken to develop, plan and organise what we hope will be a fantastic opportunity for the global physiological community to come together in Birmingham.  We hope the opportunity will allow all participants to build on existing relations, establish new collaborations and to simply interact with each other both scientifically and socially.

The city of Birmingham has a lot to offer participants and the decision to host the congress in the International Convention Centre in the heart of the city means everything you wish to do is right on your doorstep.  

So what are you waiting for?  Use this site to browse the science on offer, learn about the city, register and much more.

See you all in Birmingham in July 2013!