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21 July 2013
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A superb line-up of symposia and lectures has been selected to form the official ESM & EVBO programme during the IUPS Congress.  Our programme is fully integrated into the main schedule but a summary is below.

ESM & EVBO Plenary & Keynote lectures

IUPS Keynote (Sponsored by ESM & EVBO)
8.30 - 9.15, Monday 22 July
Transcriptional regulation of vascular development
Elisabetta Dejana (IFOM-IEO Campus, Italy) 
Michael de Burgh Daly Lecture (The Physiological Society) (sponsored by ESM & EVBO)
11.45 - 12.45, Tuesday 23 July
Targeting endothelial metabolism : principles and strategies
Peter Carmeliet (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
IUPS Keynote (Sponsored by ESM & EVBO)
8.30 - 9.15, Tuesday 23 July
Stem cell biology for Vascular Medicine
Takayuki Asahara (Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan)
ESM Malpighi Award & Lecture
19:15 - 20:15, Wednesday 24 July

ESM & EVBO symposia programme

Mon AM
Cellular senescence in cardiovascular disease (Evans & Goligorsky)
Signalling mechanisms that regulate vascular permeability (Fraser & Mehta)
Mon PM
Hydrogen sulfide in the vascular system: diverse roles and mechanisms (Koller & Aaronson)
Macrophage phenotype modulation in atherosclerosis (Ley & Nourshargh)

Tues AM
Perivascular fat: role in metabolic and cardiovascular disease (Houben & Eringa)
Stem and progenitor cells in vascular remodelling and repair (Kalia & Majesky)
Tues PM
Angiogenesis: growth points (Egginton & Alitalo)
Leukocyte recruitment in inflammation (Sperandio & Kubes)

Wed AM
Mechanical stress and vascular remodelling (Xu & Wang)
Role of TRP channels in the cardiovascular system (Brain & Earley)
Wed PM
Collateral vessels: Growth mechanisms and functional characteristics (Pohl & Burnett)
Vascular calcification (Alexander & Giachelli)

Thurs AM
Epigenetics: A new regulator of gene expression and cardiovascular diseases (Herttuala & Wold)
Microvascular networks: causes and consequences (Pries & van Bavel)

Thurs PM
Cardiovascular regulation by miRNAs (Mann & Olson)
Nanojunctions and calcium signaling in smooth muscle cells: from contraction and migration to gene expression (Evans & Gomez)

Fri AM
Intercellular communications in the vasculature: from physiology to pathophysiology (Guibert & de Wit)
Understanding microcirculatory blood flow using quantitative approaches (Frisbee & Lorthois)