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21 July 2013
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Karl Deisseroth

Stanford University
United States

Sponsored by The Gatsby Charitable Foundation

In our group at Stanford we have developed optical neuroengineering technologies for noninvasive imaging and control of brain circuits, as they operate within living intact tissue, in real time. We are employing and further developing these tools to probe neural circuit dynamics with millisecond temporal resolution. We hope that outcomes of this work will include fundamental new conceptualizations of neurological and psychiatric disorders, basic neuroscience and bioengineering insights, and potent, specific circuit-modulation interventions for treatment of disease.

Our laboratory is based in the James H. Clark Center at Stanford and employs a wide range of techniques including neural stem cell and tissue engineering methods, electrophysiology, molecular biology, neural activity imaging, animal behavior, and computational neural network modeling. I am also a physician in the psychiatry department, where I employ novel interventional high-speed (action potential-based) brain stimulation techniques in human patients for therapeutic purposes.

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IUPS Wallace Fenn Lecture
11.45 - 12.45
Optical deconstruction of fully-assembled biological systems
Plenary lecture
Lecture Theatre: 
Hall 4 (The ICC)