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21 July 2013
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Essential role of the vagus nerve for cardiac health

Date & Venue

  • The Journal of Physiology
1415 - 1615
Lecture Theatre: 
Hall 9 (The ICC)

Sponsored by The Journal of Physiology

The role of the vagus in controlling cardiac function is essential. Loss of heart rate variability of sinus arrhythmia is a prognostic indicator of cardiac disease including heart failure, arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death. What drives the vagus and how its influence is so important in maintaining a healthy heart is not known.  This symposium comes at a time when chronic stimulation of the vagus nerve is being trialled as a therapeutic treatment in human patients with heart failure.  Speakers will present state-of-the-art findings into novel ways of targeting the cardiac vagus and the potential therapeutics outcomes.

David Paterson
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
Alona Ben-Tal
Massey University
New Zealand
Systems medicine of neurogenic hypertension
14.15 - 14.45
James Schwaber
Thomas Jefferson University
United States
Peptide modulation of cardiac autonomic transmission
14.45 - 15.00
Neil Herring
University of Oxford
United Kingdom
The evolving role of vagal activity and its potential in clinical management
15.00 - 15.30
Maria Teresa La Rovere
Istituto Scientifico di Montescano
Novel insights into cardiac vagal ganglion transmission in situ
15.30 - 15.45
Lauren Salo
University of Bristol
United Kingdom
Causes and benefits of respiratory sinus arrhythmia
15.45 - 16.15
Alona Ben-Tal
Massey University
New Zealand