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21 July 2013
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Special invitation to African colleagues

Dear Colleagues,

This invitation to a special event at the 2013 Congress is from the Executive Committee of the International Union of Physiological Sciences (IUPS).  It is being sent to all physiologists with addresses in Africa who are listed in the membership rolls of four major physiological societies: the American Physiological Society (APS); The Physiological Society (TPS); the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB); and the Societe de Physiologie (SDP).  If anyone reading this message is aware of other working physiologists who should also know about the proposed event, please forward this webpage to them.

IUPS encourages you to attend the 37th International Congress of Physiological Sciences, July 21-26, 2013, in Birmingham, UK. 

The special event being hosted by the Executive Committee will be a combined organizational meeting and social function for African physiologists.  IUPS hopes to play a facilitating role in the further organization and professional development of physiologists and physiology in Africa.  This event will offer participants a chance to meet in person and discuss ideas about possible regional associations that would be eligible for membership in IUPS.  A room, refreshments and staff support will be provided.  The Executive Committee and interested members of the Council and General Assembly of IUPS will be present as resource people. Check the Congress website for the time and location of this meeting after the detailed daily program is posted.

IUPS wants this invitation to the special event to be as inclusive as possible.  The participating group could include teaching and research faculty and senior staff working in colleges, universities, medical schools, schools of public health, veterinary schools, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and private businesses.  IUPS hopes there will also be participation from current graduate students and postdoctoral workers.  The physiologists from all of the regionally important linguistic groups in Africa are encouraged to attend.
We hope that you will be part of the IUPS Congress.  In order to properly organize this event, please email the if you plan to attend. Thank you for your time and interest.

IUPS Executive Committee

Denis Noble, President
Xian Wang, Vice President
Peter Hunter, Vice President
Walter Boron, Secretary General
Malcolm Gordon, Treasurer