Key Dates

21 July 2013
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Further key dates

Scientific programme

Scientific programme

A draft scientific programme, including social activities, can be downloaded here.

Plenary lectures 

Plenary 1: Dave Lewis, Leeds, UK: The ethically aware physiologist:  embedding an understanding of ethical issues and ability to address these within physiology degree programmes

Plenary 2: Murray Jensen, Minnesota, US: Transforming anatomy and physiology instruction through the use of student centred strategies:  a discussion of novel curricular approaches

Plenary 3: Sarah Baillie, Bristol, UK: How do we use simulation to improve and inform teaching?

Plenary 4: Tony Macknight, ADInstruments: Technology and classical laboratory experiments: getting the mix right

Plenary 5: Beatriz Ramirez, Santiago, Chile: Tips for bringing about curriculum change

Workshop activities will be broadly organised in five tracks focusing on:

  • TRACK 1: Course Design and Educational Leadership
  • TRACK 2: Teaching Innovations
  • TRACK 3: Student and Programme Assessment
  • TRACK 4: Public Engagement.
  • TRACK 5: Publishing Teaching Studies/ADInstrument Demonstrations

For details follow this link.

Participants will be free to follow a single track for the duration of the Workshop or to participate in different tracks at different times.

Simulation activities will include interactive demonstrations of:

There will also be a discussion session with a panel of University of Bristol undergraduate students

Poster sessions

Poster sessions are scheduled for each day of the Teaching Workshop and all participants are encouraged to display education-related posters (this includes descriptions of outreach activities with schools or the general public).  Demonstrations of educational software and computer-based activities are also encouraged. If you are bringing such a poster to the main Congress, feel free to bring it to the Teaching Workshop as well.  

Each day a poster prize will be awarded and there will also be a poster discussion session.  

If you intend to bring a paper poster or a computer-based demonstration to the Teaching Workshop, please provide an abstract (limited to 100 words) for distribution to all Workshop participants.  Send your abstract by 1 March 2013 as a Word document or rich text file to Rob Carroll at .

Further details of the scientific programme will be posted as they become available. 

Education activities at the main IUPS congress, Birmingham UK

  • The IUPS and ADInstruments Education Lecture: Teaching and Research in Physiology in Sub-Sahran Africa, Achievements and Challenges. Delivered by Olusoga Sofola (University of Nigeria)16:30 - 17:15, Monday 22 July
  • Educational Symposia: Using technology to improve millennial students' learning. Organised by Xian Wang (Peking University) and Jonathan Kibble (University of Central Florida). 09:30 - 11:30, Monday 22 July
  • Educational Symposia: Competency-based education in physiology: A global perspective. Organised by William Galey (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) and Dee U Silverthorn (University of Texas)14:15 - 16:15, Monday 22 July
  • Educational Symposia: Historical perspectiveon early physiology, 1870 - 1960. Organised by Jonathan Reinarz (University of Birmingham)09:30 - 11:30, Tuesday 23 July
  • Educational Symposia: Using narratives and stories to enhance learning. Organised by Frank Mojiminiyi and Penelope A Hansen). 14.15 - 16:15, Tuesday 23 July

Public Engagement

The main congress will host the University of Bristol's Mobile Teaching Unit (MTU), which will be based on the forecourt of the Birmingham International Convention Centre from 11am to 4pm on 22-24 July. The MTU will provide members of the public and school students with an opportunity to explore a variety of hands-on activities around cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system function. For more information, click here.